Download your FREE printable #IWINMYDAY daily productivity template!


This template, designed by Raveena, combines three effective and proven methods to combat and fulfill productivity in your day. It combines the effectiveness of The Power List, Time-Blocking, and Brain Dumping - while also practicing gratitude. These are key elements to a productive day, and allowing yourself to feel and be as efficient as possible throughout your day.




Here are a few general steps to using the template:

1. Start each day with listing each date. Do this either the night before, or first thing the morning of your day.
2. List our what you are grateful for; Please pick 3 items.
3. You may do the BRAIN DUMP or the MUST DO tasks in any order; If you know you have three key items to do today, please list those. If you have a lot on your plate, we suggest BRAIN DUMPING first to organize your thoughts and picking 3 key things. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: Pick three PRIORITY tasks that you are finding difficult to complete - do not list things that are a part of your routine or you know you can get done with. The point is to challenge yourself.
4. Then, plan your day; The table is organized into half-hour time blocks. Let's say you wake up at 6:30am, put "WAKE UP" in the 6:30am column. Then, let's say you need to be out of the house within an hour of waking up - in the 7:00am column you may put "SHOWER" , and in the 7:30am column you may put "EAT AND LEAVE THE HOUSE". Be direct and short with your tasks. This helps condition your brain, as well. 
Fill out all time blocks that you have something associated with a certain time (ie. a meeting, a lunch, a phone call, etc.) Then, fit in YOUR TOP TASKS OF THE DAY into your free time blocks. Some tasks may need multiple time blocks throughout the day. Keep this handy so you can refer through your time-blocks throughout the day.
5. Place a checkmark next to each MUST DO task after you have completed it. 
6. At the end of the day, you must give yourself a W or L. A W is a WIN a L is a LOSS. 3 checkmarks on your priority tasks is a WIN, anything less is a L. 
*Reminder: You WILL have days with an L - that is OKAY! Own the W's with the L's and learn, and grow!