Our Story

Raveena is a self-taught baker and cake designer turned pastry chef. Raveena found her passion at the ripe age of 16, when she was creating cakes for friends and families, even creating some of her high school projects in cake form. Thus, Just Cakes was officially born in 2010. Over the years, the small, home-based business has grown popularity and presence in the local community and amongst social media, allowing Raveena to pay for post-secondary education all the while. After receiving her BA degree at the University of British Columbia, Raveena travelled to Paris, France to learn from the best French chefs about the art of pastry. Returning in 2016, Raveena began to plan what we know now as Just Cakes Bakeshop. With the bakery doors opening in July 2017, Raveena’s passion is ignited afresh daily, and she continues to fruitfully enjoy the reactions and positive feedback the Bakeshop has since received. Over the two years of the inception of the bakeshop, Raveena re-ignited her passion for writing as well. And so, the plans for Just Moments, a book of curated home-friendly recipes, was born. Raveena's hope that with these recipes, she can re-live these previous moments of her childhood, but share them with you all so you can create your own memories, too.